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Animal Adventure

Fun with Physics

Blood, Guts, and Bones


Science Camps are designed for ages 7-10 years.

Animal Adventure    9:00-3:00   Mon.-Fri.   Winter Break 2018 

Children are introduced to many animals during this exciting 1 week program.  Exciting  excursions to local museums, veterinarians, pet stores, and animal services, along with animal games and activities, and guest speakers with live animals enchant, entertain and inform children., Exposure to new and rare animals, as well as local wildlife and domestic animals, their habitats, behavior, and care create an exciting week. 

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Fun With Physics Camp   1:00-4:00  Monday-Friday   July 8-12   2019

Discover the magic that comes from nature!  Campers will experiment with gas pressure, buoyancy, light refraction, reflection, color, gravity, inertia, and Bernoulli's principle to learn the FUN of physics that are related to biology, physics, geology, and chemistry.  
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Blood, Guts, and Bones Camp    9:00-12:00  Mon.-Fri.  July 8-12   2019          

Experience the miracles of the human machine through engaging science activities and experiments each day!  Make models of the lungs and digestive system and experiment with muscles, reactions, bones, and human senses, such as smell, taste, and sight. 

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Each science camp is offered once each summer, so don't miss out!  Enroll early to guarantee your place.



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