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No Attitudes Volleyball Tournaments

No Attitudes Allowed Beach Volleyball Tournaments are offered to Amateur Novice and Intermediate Players that have never earned a California Beach Volleyball Association rating (or a rating from some other high-level organization.)  The tournaments take place at Main Beach, Santa Cruz on a Saturday, once a month, and include categories for coed doubles, men's doubles, and novice doubles.  Inexperienced players only in the novice division and 2 men are not allowed to play together in coed doubles or novice doubles. 

The fee is $50.00 per team.  

2019 Dates are: 

April 13 

coed open, men's, and coed novice

May 11

coed open, men's, women's, and coed novice

June 8

coed open, men's, and coed novice

July 13

coed open, men's, and coed novice 

August 10

coed open, men's, and coed novice 

September 14

coed open, men's, coed novice, and women's

October 12

coed open, men's, and coed novice

November 2 

coed open, men's, women's and coed 4 person novice


  • 1. Go hard, have fun doing it.
  • 2. It's a team effort.
  • 3. Respect the game, respect your opponents, respect your partner.
  • 4. Don't be cheesy!!! "Cheesy" (verb, defined by Webster's New International version): as in dumping on one or two, kicking the ball after losing a point, swearing, passing out dirty looks to your opponents and partner, playing the whole court on serve receive, serving continually to the weaker player, not slapping hands on side changes, thinking your opponents are throwing every ball they touch (even if they are), not congratulating opponents win or lose at the end of a match.
  • 5. Make friends with your opponents.
  • 6. Smile whenever the tournament director walks by your court.
  • 7. No current or previously CBVA rated players. Players should be of an intermediate-advanced skill level.
  • 8. Those with an "Attitude" at the tournament will be given 1 warning.  If poor attitude and behavior continues, a full refund will be immediately issued and no further participation is allowed in any future No Attitudes.  No "trash talking" or continual arguing of calls. The spirit of this tournament is to go 110% but support one another including our opponents while we are doing it.
  • 9. Loose hand setting standards when attempting to set your partner; double-hit, mishandled, side setting okay. No "deep dish" or carried balls. If hand set is used to send ball over the net, it must be perfect with no spin and shoulders (front or back) facing direction of released ball.
  • 10. No open handed serve receive or first contact unless digging a hard-driven spike. This solves a lot of arguments if we play by this standard.
  • 11. In coed, men should try to serve men; women are free to serve either opponent.
  • 12. "Dumping" on 1 or 2 is not appropriate strategy for this tournament.
  • 13. 5 minutes between games; no pepper on the courts. A team not ready to play after 5 minutes is penalized a point a minute.
  • 14. Every team goes to playoffs. If you decide to leave early, let the tournament director know. First or second round losers in playoffs may have the opportunity to play in a third division called the "Tide Pool." Stay close to the tournament board during playoffs; it is your responsibility to hear your court assignment.
  • 15. Be sure to leave your area of the beach clean and recycle what you can.

Rain Out/Cancellation Policy

An email message concerning the status of a tournament will be sent out by 7:00 AM the morning of the tournament should rain or other adverse weather conditions be in the forecast.

In the event of rain or some other event resulting in the cancellation of a tournament, prepaid entries will be given a credit toward a future tournament. Since we take only the first 50 teams to register, let us know well in advance which tournament you would like to apply your credit so a spot can be reserved.

Should you want to withdraw from a tournament, 72 hours are required to receive a credit for a future tournament.

Feel free to contact me at or 831 818-9248 if there are any questions or concerns.

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