Lizzy Fowler's 4th Ave. Tournaments

4th Avenue Tournaments

4th Ave. Tournaments

Tournament rules:

Have FUN!

Serve the stronger player if you are the stronger player

Rally scoring for tournament 

Call your sets

Play with Black and White ball 

The tournament fee is $10.00 (fees go toward food, awards, and donation to local organizations.)  

Check in is 8:00-8:30.  

Late arrivals expect to pay extra and we will have a serving contest with the late money.  

To register, contact Liz at 


Offered once a year              2021 date TBD

The tournament is open to volleyball players who are not currently rated, and both players must have the combined ages of teams adding up to 100 years or more.  When trying to reach a combined age of 100, its OK to use every day of your age. For example (51yr 8month  + 48yr 4month), and you may go over 100 years. 


Offered once a year 2021 date TBD

Fool's Folly Format (play with and against your partner)

Each player is assigned to be an A or a B player.  Each team consists of an A and a B player.  All teams will need to be approved by the Fools Folly committee. 

During pool play, you and your partner will play a team, and immediately after the game, you will switch partners, and play against your partner.  

At the end of pool play, add up the total points for each player.  The top A and B players from each pool will go onto to the finals.   

Each player will play at least 6-8 games during pool play, and finalists might play as many as 9-11 games for the day.  


2017 Fall Folly Tournament Champions
A players-Dave Molinari and Chuck Tremper
B players-John O'Connor and Paul Bellina 

2017 Century Tournament Champions
Big Dipper: Iraj and Liz     Chuck Tremper and Tamara Lovere
Carousel: Bob Frank and Deb McArthur    John Welch and Cathy Wright

2016 Fall Folly Tournament Champions:

1st place A Player Dave Molinari and 1st place B player Deb McArthur

2015 Fall Folly Tournament Champions:
1st place A Player Tom Schulte and B Player Becky Bryan
2nd place A Player Chayton Clark and B Player Mike Richards

Century Tournament Winners

2019 Therese Ammiro and Paul Swiencicki

2018 Therese Ammiro and Tom Shulte

2017  Liz and Iraj  

2015 Iraj and Liz

2014 Jerry Woodward and Liz

2013  Chuck Tremper and Maddy Adamczeski

2012  Dana and Austin