Jamaica One Love Beach Volleyball Tourney



December 14-22, 2024 on Negril's white sandy beach

Imagine a week of Fun in the Sun Beach Volleyball on the 7 mile white, fine, sandy beach of Negril that is between the turquoise Caribbean Sea and lush tropical green interior of Jamaica's west end.  What makes my tournaments so special are the players.  I hope to see a lot of friends and familiar faces.

One Love is a coed tournament that also offers women's and men's games, 4 person teams, silly games, and daily drills.

The One Love Tournament will include swim and snorkel time, daily live music, delicious food, opportunities for excursions, spa time, yoga classes, cliff diving, hair braiding, parasailing, and more!

Players arrive on a Saturday  
Saturday evening, we will meet for dinner and fun!  
One Love tournament will be held 8:00-12:00 and 3:00-6:00 Sunday-Thursday.  
Drills are offered Monday-Wednesday.  
Finals games will be held Friday morning with an awards luncheon held afterwards.  

Players are responsible for covering their registration fee, airline travel, hotel, meals and drinks, and excursions.  

The registration fee is $250.00 (prizes, t-shirts, equipment, rental space, local entertainment, shuttle, and a Jamaican fundraiser-TBD)

Recommend using airline mileage to get from airport to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  It is a 70 minute drive from Montego Bay to Negril.  I can organize transportation to and from the airport.

The tournament hotel has been chosen for their beach location and space for courts, and how much they invest in the Negril community by paying and treating their employees well.  
Breakfast is included or a kitchen is provided at the hotels.  

Families and friends are welcome! 

Jamaican Cultural Description written by Deb McArthur for the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Tropical sky. Warm sea. A diversity of wildlife. Good food, music and kind words. ‘Tis the

season for holiday craziness or … for escaping to another part of the world to experience an

exotic ecosystem and culture.

The winter sky in the Caribbean features thunderheads towering along the horizon. Evening

electric storms include lightening forks reaching to the sea. Flashing cloud banks add to the light

show. A special green flash sunset is a gift to behold.

The night sky from this tropical latitude shifts the view of Orion, Pleiades, Cassiopea and

Pegasus. While sky-gazing one night, we happened upon the Geminid meteor shower.

Short-tailed “shooting stars” darted high overhead, while longer, more dramatic meteors fell

closer to the horizon.

Island wildlife adds variety to each day. Geckos run upside down on the ceiling. A turquoise

anole lizard poses along a rock wall. Bats appear at dusk as the tree frogs begin their high-pitch

chirps that continue until early dawn.

Along the shore, a night heron hunts crabs, while its cousin egrets adorn the river bank. Over the sea, tropic birds skim the surface of the water picking up small fish as frigate birds glide on huge pointed wings. Green parakeets fill the trees and fantastically iridescent hummingbirds hover at tropical flowers. We pause and admire the butterflies that cross the volleyball court.

The turquoise, 85 degree Caribbean Sea offers a magical underwater world to explore.

Focusing just in front of your nose introduces dramatic plankton such as comb jellies with cilia

reflecting rainbow ribbons and ice cube jellies looking like they spilled from an onboard cocktail.

Keen eyes in a snorkel mask search among the rocks and corals. Observations fill a checklist

of spectacular species from trumpetfish to angelfish to an eel popping out of a hole in the sand.

A green sea turtle, a reef shark, an octopus and two cuttlefish are favorites until an eagle ray

glides gracefully along the bottom. Sponges of every color, waving anemone tentacles, beautiful

feather duster and alien-looking polychaete bristle worms decorate the reefscape. Tiny, spiral

Christmas tree worms remind us of the season.

The red ackee fruit hangs on trees everywhere; it fills patty pastries and complements saltfish.

Bananas, papaya, pineapple and coconut blend into cool smoothies. From a street vendor, we

purchase island-grown ingredients for dinner: pumpkin, yam, carrots, onion, garlic, ginger,

thyme, turmeric, red beans, callaloo greens; all topped with toasted peanuts. For the omnivores,

curried goat and jerk chicken.

Island travel in mid-December oversets some traditions. While these experiences are impossible

to put in a stocking or under the tree, they will be the most memorable, the most valued. Ya

mon. One love. Happy holidays.