Lizzy Fowler's Adventure Camps!!


Coed Gold: Wanda Taylor, Dakotah Bertsch and MaryBeth Laughlin, Jorge Garcia
Coed TidePool: Kelsi Taylor, Alicia Buchtner and Bradley De la Fuente, Beatriz Milare
Men's: Matt Michaelis, Troy Bookout and Chris Thomas, and Dave Bergevin
Novice Gold: Tiffany Poon, Steve Vu and Dennis Co, Christina Nguyen
Novice TidePool: Ashley Yu, Cameron Lee and Dimitri Logothesis, Debra West
Novice Silver: Kelly Archer, Andrea Bicshei and Joanna Ferraro, Reynolds Carroll


November 2018
Gold Coed: Lalo Navarro, Wanda Taylor and MaryBeth Laughlin, Jorge Garcia
Men's: Laurent Debien, David Frances and David Zoaudio, Lindsay Hostetler
Women's: Pam Brown, Karen Wilson and Marisol Jacob, Cynthia Hamn
4 person: Minh Nguyen, Jacqueline Huynh, Hector Carlos, Lauren Yang
Silver Coed: Kat Yu, Torance Matsui and Keith Spitzer, Maryanne Rehberg
Tidepool Coed: Federico Alves, Caroline Murzin and David Waynar, Katharina Hohmann

October 2018
Gold Coed: Becky Bryant, Dakotah Bertsch and Larissa Maier, Alex Schlick
Gold Novice: Ram Kumar, Patricia Diaz and Geno Sison, Kristina Kozen
Gold Men's: Chicory Roth, Matt Michaelis and David Zoaudio, Lindsay Hostetler
Silver Coed:  Kelsi Taylor, Charlie Swiencicki and Alex Skryl, Magda Zala
Silver Novice: Yuma Suwa, Mari Ann and Liz Federowicz, Lori Beyer
Silver Men's: Eric Olson, Glaudson de Jesus and Patrick Colligan, Nathan Heinrichs
TidePool Coed: Michael Ho, Katie Katcham and Marisol Jacob, Andrew Brownstone
TidePool Novice: Jade Coe, Torance Matsui and Jessica Lan and Callie Waldman
TidePool Men's: Sean Brown, Timmy Blanc and Todd Nicklous, Dan Monahan

September 2018
Coed Gold: David Zhody, Lindsay Hostetler and Olivier Lechenne, Katharina Hohmannn
Coed Silver:  Leslie Delco, Dakotah Bertsch and Dave Lapitan, Hazel Zambrano
Coed Tidepool:  Kristi Doanne, Alex Brunnette and Bonnie Thomas, Chris Thomas
Novice Gold: Torance Matsui, Megan Coleman and Steve Vu, Tiffanie Poon
Novice Silver:  Ram Kumar, Sakina Khawari and Jason Chavez, Orralyn Vithyavuthi
Novice Tidepool: Isaac Acks, Marian Lu and Camillo Garcia, Presley Pahl
Women's: MaryBeth Laughlin, Jen Gray and Wanda Taylor, Kelsi Taylor
Men's Gold: Matt Michaelis, Eric Erbes and Jon Carlo Putman, Tim Sae Koo
Men's TidePool: Eric Olson, Greg Krause and Ben Pearson, Addy Pendleton

August 2018
Gold Coed: Collin Johnson, Jasmyn Turner and Lalo Navarro, Gael Huynh
Silver Coed: Bonnie Thomas, Chris Thomas and Kaicie McMurray, Chad Sturgis
TidePool Coed: MaryBeth Laughlin, Jorge Garcia and May Chen, Elbert Lai 
Gold Novice: Niles Parungao, Tiffany Kyi and Dennis Co, Ellen Yuan
Silver Novice: Allison Hibbard, Elise Hulsey and Geno Sison, Tiffanie Poon
TidePool: Isaac Acks, Raphaelle Durand and Shimpei Tsuchiyu and Fran Wang
Men's: David Frances, Laurent Debien and Val Anderson, Tim Plaza

July 2018  
Gold Coed: Cameron Schaeffer, Tegan Curren and Patrick Donnelly, Daisy Valladeres
Gold Novice:  Annette McCready, Niles Parungo and Yuma Suwa, Christina Nguyen
Men's: Neil King, Kyle Hendersen and Eugene Herceg, James Veteska and Todd Nicklous, Dan Monahan
Coed Silver: Mike and Chasen Soltis and MaryBeth Laughlin, Jorge Garcia
Coed Tidepool: Bill Cochran, Kaitlyn Pascus and Eileen Li, Tony Wu
Novice TidePool: Todd Tullis, Jackie Cosgrove and Marcella and Gianna Winterhalder
Novice Silver: Victor Shen,  Ashley Yu and Joey Martinez, Quynh Nguyen

June 2018
Women's Gold: Leslie Delco, Bonnie Thomas and Cynthia Hamn, Marisol Jacob
Men's Gold: Matt Michaelis, Dakotah Bertesch and Lee Blumberg, Sam Torrecillas
Coed Gold: Brittany hamstra, Tom Vriens and Jill and Ryan Lipert
Novice Gold: Erwin Namayan, Cori McAfee and Michael Ho, Alexandria Leigh
Coed Silver: Nuno Goncalves, Joanna Drygajlo and Gael Huynh, Michael Walker
Novice Silver: Manny Lam, Vicki Li and Geno Sison, Samantha Plante
Coed Tide Pool: Kristi Doane, Alex Brunette, and Kaicie Mc Murray, Lalo Navarro
Novice Tide Pool: Mike Sotis, Karla Estrada and Albert Fong, Cecelia Tran
Women's Tide Pool: Christy Bangasser, Brittany Job and Gwen Grigsby and Jess Grigsby

May 2018
Coed Gold: Savannah Berry, Kevin Chan and Lalo Navarro, Leslie Delco
Coed Silver: Bryant Mairs, Melissa Nichols and Jenny Schreck, John West
Coed Tide Pool: Ryan Wong, Caroline Tien-Spalding and Janine Vonach, Max Bush
Men's: Laurent Debien, David Frances and Simon Cazals and Tyler Whittle
Novice Gold: Mike Soltis, Chasen Soltis and Isaac Acks, Cecelia Tran
Novice Tide Pool: Davin Chan, Samantha Plante and Gwendolyn Tuma, Megan Brogan
First Timers: Lee Sheets and Cyrille Beigne

April  2018
Coed Gold: Ryan Havice, Hailey Merkes and MaryBeth Laughlin, Lalo Navarro
Coed Silver: Matt Michaelis, Kristi Doane and Cyndi Hamm, Patrick Green
Coed Tide Pool: Alyssa Russin, Clay Crosbie and Joshua Mason, Sakina Khawari
Men's Gold: Dan Turkov, Kyle Brook and Todd Nicklous, Olivier Lechenne
Men's Tide Pool: David Frances, Pierre-Damien Vaujour and John Senkier, Finn Senkier
Novice Gold: Mark and Phoebe Failor and Ashley Yu, Victor Shen
Novice Tide Pool: Karla Estrada, Spring Wang and Gwen Grigsby and Jess Grigsby

November 2017
Novice Gold:  Jorge Garcia, Rosa Chung and Davin Chan, Fanny Treheux
Novice Tide Pool:  Isaac Acks, Marian Lu and Geno Sison, Raphaelle Durand
Coed Gold:  Marisol Jacob, Alex Brunnette and Sanya Taylor, Charlie Swiencicki
Coed Tide Pool: MaryBeth Laughlin, Lalo Navarro and Chris Thomas and Bonnie Thomas
Women's: Kyrsti Phoetias, Gabi Charbaneau and Clair Okerlund, Kallan Bedard
Men's: Nico Peruzzi, Kevin Beck and Bryce Edwards and Luca Tolaio

Novice Gold: Jorge Garcia, Rosa Chung and Davin Chan, Fanny Treheux
Novice Tide Pool: Isaac Acks, Marian Lu and Geno Sison, Raphaelle Durand
Coed Gold: Marisol Jacob, Alex Brunnette and Sanya Taylor, Charlie Swiencicki
Coed Tide Pool: MaryBeth Laughlin, Lalo Navarro and Chris Thomas, Bonnie Thomas
Men's:  Nico Peruzzi, Kevin Beck and Bryce Edwards, Luca Tolaio
Women's: Gabi Charbaneau, Kyrsti Photias and Clair Okerlund, Kallan Bedard

October   2017 
Coed Gold: Brenda Moser, Michael Fieber and Hahn Hoang, Manuel Suarez
Coed Silver: Shane Steele, Mike Diaz and Bonnie Thomas, Chris Thomas
Coed Tide Pool: Marisol Jacob, Mike Scotti and John Welch and Hiro Dep, Christine Yuki
Novice: Allison Hibbard, Julie Bishop and Josef John, Annika John
Men's: Bradley Tiller, Jonah May and Andrew Beal, Dakotah Bertsch

September   2017 
Coed Gold: Jon Carlo Putman and Alex Real
Coed Tide Pool: Leslie Delco, Dakotah Bertsch and Chris Thomas, Bonnie Thomas
Coed Silver: Jill and Ryan Lipert and Kelsi Taylor, Phil Grote
Women's Gold: Anne Berne, MaryBeth Laughlin and Mariso Jacob. Cathy Wright
Women's Silver: Dina Sporer, Jenna Hannon and Wanda and Sanya Taylor
Men's Gold: Todd Nicklous, Olivier Lechenne and Matt Michaelis, Al Brunette
Novice Gold:   Jacky Su, Kellie Hirotsu and Marian Lu, Jason Chavez
Novice Tide Pool: Mike Soltis, Quynh Nguyen and Tommy Tran, Samantha Plante
Novice Silver: Steve Vu, Katherine Yu and Ashley Yu, Victor Shen
Another successful tournament.  It seems to just happen without me.  The players are giving it their all and they really support one another.  It was a very long day, but most everyone had a blast!  

August   2017
Gold Coed      Guilia Lanza, Jeremy Teboul 
Silver Coed     Greg Manzi, Stephanie Hill and Emily Lakelle, Evan Rowley
Tide Pool Coed  MaryBeth Laughlin, Olivier Lechenne and Charles Le, Mel Hockett

Gold Novice     Geno Sison, Tiffany Kyi, and Stefan Huele, Lisa Zhang
Silver Novice   Josef John, Annika John and Tiffany Poon, Steve Vu
Tide Pool Novice   Allison Hibbard, Elise Hulsey and Ashley Yu, Victor Shen

Gold Men's Paul and Charlie Swiencicki, and Todd Nicklous, Dan Monahan
Tide Pool Men's  Jon Carlo Putnam, Tim SaeKoo and Al and Noah Tervalon

July 2017
Coed Gold: Leah Pero, John Leestema and Scotty Santor, Alyssa Russin
Coed Silver: Alessandra Peter,  Jamie Ray and Chris Thomas, Bonnie Thomas
Coed TidePool: MaryBeth Laughlin, Jorge Garcia and Sean Wilson, Josie Wilson
Men's Gold: Greg Proctor, Neil King and Matt Michaelis, Jet Quenemoen
Men's TidePool: Nathan Collins, John Zubkousky and Al Tervalon, Art Norcome
Novice Gold:  Quynh Nguyen, Rom Brafman and Tommy Tran, Samantha Plante
Novice Tide Pool: Hole Ngyuen, Maureen Cunanan and Christina Ngyuyen, Albert Fong

June 2017
Coed Gold: John Humphrey, Nicole Watson and Monica Erdman, Arman Kouhi
Gold Novice: Rom Brafman, Abby Bertics and Wanda Taylor, Kelsi Taylor
Gold Men's: Matt Michaelis, Dakotah Bertsch and Todd Nicklous, Olivier Lechenne
Gold Women's: Jenny Astrachan, Sharon Hao and Kate Carbone, Jenna Hannon
Silver Coed: Lalo Navarro, Sanya Taylor and Connor Keese, Laura Tribuzzi
Tide Pool Coed: Jerrod Ifland, Gael Huynh, Laurie Linder and Chris and Bonnie Thomas
Tide Pool Men's: Marc Jasper, Gregory Becker and Dan Monahan, Paul Izenstark
Tide Pool Novice: Hole Nguyen, Anne Challis and Davin Chan, Lori Beyer

May 2017 
Coed Gold:  Kaicie Mc Murray, Lalo Navarro
Novice Gold: Herman Smith, Caroline Chen and Lauren Campbell, Derek Heiser
Men's Gold: Ian Stratton, Troy Bookout and James Herceg, Eugene Veteska
Coed Tide Pool: Chitra Noel, Todd Nicklous (T Dog) and Marisol Jacob and Andrew 
Novice Tide Pool: Marian Lu, Isaac Acks and Albert Fong, Elaine Ke
Men's Tide Pool: Eric Manabe and Bryce Edwards
Coed Silver: Monique Martinez, Adam Gopin and Tracy Weber, John Humphrey
Novice Silver: Paola Blanco, Jack James and Marcella Winterhalder, Phoebe Failor 

April 2017 
Coed Gold: Greg White, Luisa D'Tolis and Christina Bangasser, Mark Holme
Novice Gold: Rudy Silva, Gael Huynh and Liz Roland, Steve Barnack
Men's Gold: Jake Smith, Phil Bosse and Patrick Kinnier, Neil King
Coed Tide Pool: Nicole Kuhnle, John Humphrey and Kristen Tucker, Andrew Nelson
Novice Tide Pool: Marie Gabrielle Braun, Laurent Debien and Orralyn Vithyavuthi, Joe Rooney
Men's Tide Pool: Matt Michaelis, lalo Navarro and Michael Scotti, Curtis Pieratt 

November 2016

Coed Gold-Lake Merchen, Kallan Bedard       Cathy Velazquez, Michael Doherty 

Novice Gold-Jessica Lan, Simon Deconde     Tommy Tran, Cindy Nguyen

Men's Gold-Federico Francioni, Jack Xu         Mason Kelly, Roger Hsu

Women's Gold_Kyrsti Photias, Gabriela Charbeneao      MaryBeth Laughlin, Vanda Taylor

Coed Tide Pool-Arman Kouhi, Segal Boas       Lynn Hunter and Peter Canning     

Novice Tide Pool-Stephen Barnack, Liz Roland    Jess and Dave Grigsby   

Men's Tide Pool-Eric Olson, Glaudson de Jesus     Justin Le, Jason Chavez

Coed Silver-John Zublosky, Kasey Kuhnle        Luca Zapella, Giulia Lanza

Novice Silver-Isaac Acks, Marian Wu                 Amy Chu, Justin Nordheim

October 2016

Coed Gold-Luisa D'Tolis and Greg White       Herman Smith and Caroline Chen 

Novice Gold-Chris Doherty and Cassidy Vierra       Geno Sison and Cecelia Tran

Men's Gold-Mason Kelly and Mike Scotti        Olivier Lechenne and Greg Proctor

Coed Tide Pool-Lynn Hunter and Peter Canning     Pierluigi Maglio and Naomi Huang

Novice Tide Pool-Jen Walters and Brian Fortin      Quynh Nguyen and Rom   

Men's Tide Pool-Neal King and Patrick Kinnear     Matt Michaelis and Lalo Navarro

Coed Silver-MaryBeth Laughlin and Chris Lincoln     Rick Price and Kristina Olshamovs

Novice Silver-Vicki Li and manny Lam       Cassidy Morris and Rich Perez

Men's Silver-Garrett Saucedo and Andrew Adelman      Maarten Wiggers and Troy Held

September 2016

Coed Silver: Kevin Chen, Savannah Berry and Dale Moren, Jenny Pearl

Women's: Tracey Kaplan, Lydia Orf and Marisol Jacob, Cathy Wright

Coed Gold:  Eric Erbes, Anne Berne and Olivier Lechenne, Lisa Ridino
Coed Tide Pool:  Nathan Collins, Britnay Brown and Chris Thomas, Amy ChuNovice 

Novice Tide Pool:   William Lo, Quinn Lavin and Rom Brafman, Ela Stanislawski 

Novice Gold:  Hole Nguyen, Kat Lu and Cassidy Vierra, Chris Doherty 

Men's Silver:  Paul Swiencicki and Charlie Swiencicki and Eric Manabe, Bryce Edwards 

Men's Tide Pool:  Greg Becker, Marc Jasper and Eric Olson, Glaudson de Jesus
Men's Gold:  Scotty Santor, Jon Carlo Putnam and Neal King, Patrick Kinnear

August  2016 Winners!


Gold-Benjamin Moore, Shelley Gorin, Liz and Steve Roland

Tide Pool-Charls Le, Andrea Wong, Josie Cole and Devin Grobeck
Silver-Herman Smith, Caroline Chen, Colleen Rhodes and Stefan Huele


Gold: Jesus de La Torre, Edgar Huerta, Todd Nicklous and Jeff Yu

Tide Pool: Matt Michaelis and Dakotah Bertsch, Frank Garcia and Brian Valenti


Gold- Jessica Lan, Simon Deconde, Geno Sison and Tina Tsou

Tide Pool- Michael and Skylar Gerhardt, Jack James and Paola Blanco

Silver- Sean and Josie Wilson, Davin Chan and Dune Nguyen

July No Attitudes Winners!

Coed Gold: Tracey Kaplan, Ryan Wong and Lalo Navarro, Marisol Jacob

Coed Silver: Kesey Kuhnle, Reza Saleh and Bryant Mairs and Melissa Nichols

Coed Tide Pool: Olivier Lechenne, Leslie Delco and Miles Clark, LaViva Dakers
Mens:  Chris Thomas, Dave Bergevin and Eric Olson, Glaudson de Jesus
Novice Gold: Hole Nguyen, Melissa Wong and Vivian Dien, Jimmy Tran
Novice Silver: Naomi Huang, Yang Liu, Daniel Fernandez and Valerie and Ryan Durrant
Novice Tide Pool: Mike Soltis, Orralyn Vithyavuthi and Davin Chan, Inna Turevsky

June 2016 Winners!

Coed Gold Michele Wiecha, Arne Gerhard and Hiro Dep, Caitlin OBrien

Coed Silver Andrew Brownstone, Marisol Jacob and Ken Crandell, Sara Souza

Coed Tide Pool Lalo Navarro, Iwona Swindell and kamal Kumar, Lori Nishimura

Novice Gold Matt Michaelis, Alison Michaelis and Albert Fong, Melissa Wong

Novice Silver Davin Chan, Inna Turevsky and Hector Delgado, Alexandra Escalera

Novice Tide Pool Hole Nguyen, Lily Tam and Geno Sison, TonMen Banh

Women's Tina Nelson, Ariel Ajagu and Kate Carbone, Elaina Bruna


Gold Scotty Santor, Alan Bracewell and Kyle Henderson, Heiko Behrens

Silver Todd Peterson, Darrel Durret, and David Allen, Christoph Guetter

Tide Pool Jon Carlo Putnam, Tim Kutnick, and Eric Standring, Michael Standring

May 2016 Winners!

Coed Gold-Leah Pero, John Leestma and Bradley De La Fuente, Esther Kim

Coed Tide Pool-Christy Bangasser, Mark Holme and Chris Thomas and Sheena Schier

Coed Silver-Nicky Hagen, Dominic Lippi and Todd Nicklous, Harmony Ridino

Men's Gold-Al and Cash Adamsen and Matt Michaelis, Lalo Navarro

Men's Tide Pool-Jerry Woodward, Jon Goetz and Evan Rowley, Jon Carlo Putterman

Novice Gold_Orralyn Vithyavuthi, Danny Fernandez and Samantha Hawn, Nate Whitaker

Novice Tide Pool-Fanny Treheux, David Francis and Ramon and Kai Rodriguez

Novice Silver-Shalya Fudwider, Rich Perez and Shaun Yan, Alicia Wei

April 2016 Woinners

Coed Gold-Anne Berne, Jerry Woodward, Michele Wiecha, and Arne Gerhard
Novice Gold-Carrie Burr, Jethrol Quenemoen, Albert Fong, Melissa Fong
Men's Gold-Dan Stern, Leor Schiffer, Dan Monihan, Todd Nicklous
Women-Judy Viduya, Jasmine Viduya, Kasey Kuhnle, and Lisa Heyse
Coed Silver-Ken Crandell, Sara Souza, Jill Liepert, Ryan Lipert
Coed Tide Pool- Kristen Tucker, Jake Smith, Colleen Rhoades and Stefan Heule
Men's Tide Pool-Dakotah Bertsch, Matt Michaelis, Eric Manabe, Garret Saucedo
Novice Tide Pool-Stephen Barnack, Amanda Flores, Samantha Shawn, and Nathan Whitaker