Lizzy Fowler's Adventure Camp!!


Ancient Time Travelers and Around the World 

Designed for ages 6-10 Monday-Friday 

Ancient Time Travelers 9:00-3:00   

ANCIENT TIME TRAVELERS go back in time to the ancient civilizations of China, India, Rome, Greece, America, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.  Travel to more recent  times of the Aztecs, Inca, Maya, Renaissance, and Middle Ages for Fun-filled and creative weeks! 

Each day explore civilizations by dressing up in costumes, creative ancient art projects, building pyramids, reading myths and legends, trading goods at a market square, tasting traditional foods, and participating in outdoor sporting events and indoor ancient board games.  

Days are filled with many FUN-filled activities, such as:
Mummy Wrapping, Chariot Races, Olympic Games
Kite and Costume Designing, Science Experiments
Water Color, Silhouettes, Fabric Painting, Jewelry Making
Seega, Go, Hoppers, Mancala, Senet, Jacks, Marbles, and More.....

AROUND THE WORLD campers go from continent to continent!  Make maps, taste foods, learn about animals, important physical features, inventions, languages, and more through many exciting games and activities.


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