Lizzy Fowler's Holiday Adventure Camps!!


Sports-O-Rama is offered to children ages 6-11 on school holidays

9:00-3:00    Offered Labor Day, Veterans, Day, and Thanksgiving week


A Fun-filled day of games and activities, such as King of the Hill, Croquet, Bocci Ball, Badmitton, Capture the Flag, Air Raid, Banana Tag, Circle Tag, Sharks and Minnows, Antelopes and Mountain Goats, Water Balloon Toss, 3-Legged Race, Relay Races, and more.


ONLY $50.00 for 1 day of FUN!  

Enroll for 2 days and invite a friend for 2 days, and receive 2 for 1 discount price.     

To enroll your child for the day, contact Liz at, pay through paypal ( and print permission slip.

Wear sunblock and layers of clothing.  Bring permission slip,  extra sunblock, hat or visor, lunch, water bottle, bathing suit and towel.