Lizzy's Volleyball and Adventure Camps

Liz Fowler has been coaching volleyball for more than 15 years.  Currently, she is coaching beginning/intermediate youth and adults at Main Beach, Santa Cruz.  Occasionally offering private lessons and coaching teens.   

Lizzy's Adventure Camps are designed to build the confidence of each child in a supportive and empowering environment.  Lizzy's small sports camps for children ages, 6-9 and 10-13, offer new activities, the importance of team work, and respect for one another.  Science and History camps

 foster a love of exploration and learning in a safe and fun environment!



Offering children a wide unique variety of sporting and educational activities that: 

  • Stimulate their learning experience
  • Boost their self-confidence
  • Inspire others through friendly cooperation



Children learn basic sport skills and improve upon existing skills.  A variety of sports are included, such as volleyball, fencing, basketball, tennis, kayaking, bowling, slacklining, swimming, and more!  



Transporting children to ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Indian, Mexican, and Chinese times with costumes, food, art projects, myths and legends, market trading and games!


Animal Camp     Learn about animal care, behavior and their habitats.  

Fun with Physics   Exciting activities that explain the laws that govern our universe.

Blood, Guts, and Bones    Exploring the human machine through many experiments and models. 

Camps are offered Monday-Friday during summer, winter, and spring break for grades 2-8.


Children develop basic volleyball skills while building confidence in a supportive and empowering environment. 


Beach Volleyball is an active, healthy, and competitive sport.  Adults learn basic volleyball skill development and more!

See the "About My Camps" link above for more information on children's camps, afterschool sports, activities, prices, and availabilities.  Enrollment is limited.

See the "Beach Volleyball" link above for more information on beach volleyball classes and tournaments at Main Beach in Santa Cruz.

For further information or to sign up for
Adventure Camps or Volleyball Classes 

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"Your camp was literally the first camp my son thanked me for!"  

"I'm so appreciative of what you have created for the kids."

"Liz, you are not only a teacher, but a mentor to my daughter.  Thank you!"

"The variety of activities keeps my child engaged and he looks 

forward to showing up to camp each day."

"My boys had so much fun - we LOVED your camp!"

"My kids loved their Spring Break camp days with you."